Tiara LLC, 2020

The company`s management considers the "Quality Policy" for 2020 as a continuation of the work carried out last year.

We are aware that our desire to enter new sales markets must be supported by actions aimed at ensuring a high level of quality and reliability of products.

The main goal in the field of quality

Design and manufacture of products that meet the Development and production of the requirements of standards and satisfy the consumers of our products.

Goals of the enterprise in the sphere of quality system provision

The objectives of the company in the field of quality system Development, implementation and continuous improvement of the "Quality Management System" based on the requirements of the standard GOST R ISO 9001–2011.

Customer focus is not limited to simply fulfilling the formal quality requirements of customers, but striving to exceed their expectations. Consider priority the implementation of elements of the Lean Production system.

Customer orientation is not limited by the simple performance of customer’s formal requirements concerning quality, we try to exceed expectations.

Methods of achieving the objectives

Motivation of quality and productive work, creation of a favorable working environment conducive to the disclosure of creative opportunities and the development of commitment to the interests of the team.

Achieving the optimal balance between price and quality of products? consider quality as a priority.

Development of the material and technical base of the enterprise: reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production, the acquisition of new machinery and equiment.

Improving the system of production planning and inventory management in order to achieve maximum effect at minimum cost.

Maintenance and further development of the удуьутеы of the system of general productive services (TRM).

Ensuring the coordinating role of the Quality Service in the construction of the Production System of Tiara LLC..

Material and moral incentives for employees for efficient and quality work.

Continuous training of all personenel in order to increase competence, skills and experience. Learnig from the successes of other, not the mistakes of other.

The management of Tiara LLC assumes obligations and responsibility for the implementation of this Policy and encourages all employees to actively participate in this work.

Director of Tiara LLC V.L. Milyushin