The Company Guardian presents door's locks of its own production in Russia. The quality of Guardian locks is not worse and sometimes better than it's foreign analogues.The company provides 5-year guaranty for its locks. The Guardian locks and accessories are very popular among the door producers. Today Guardian is one of the lock's leaders in Russia. New locks are always checked and tested in the experimental laboratory before it's sale.



Cylinder Guardian

We sale cylinders series Basic and series Standart

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Why have millions of people chosen Guardian locks?

Guardian locks are produced in Russia

Guardian locks are produced in Russia, in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic.

There is a wide range of Guardian locks’ models

Company Guardian produces more than 40 models of locks for wooden, armoured, uPVC, and aluminium doors. The locks are corresponding to all modern requirements of security, operation and functionality.

Guardian locks - quality and accuracy of production

High level of production automation, modern equipment, permanent quality control, and personal responsibility of the staff allow to correspond to high-quality standards and achieve high consumer-oriented characteristics of the produced products.

Reliability of Guardian locks is time-proved

Company Guardian has been producing lock products for more than 15 years. Experience accumulated for 15 years of production and sales of the locks allow achieving continuous improvement of the products and satisfaction of the customers.

Guardian locks are characterized by high protective properties

A permanent improvement of lock's criminal burglary promotes the expansion of the model range and growth of protective properties’ parameters of the produced products.

Guardian locks have large-scale sales geography

Guardian dealer's network is represented in 100 cities of Russia and near abroad countries.

5-year warranty for Guardian locks

Company Guardian produces high quality and reliable locks, as well as provides warranty for its’ fail-safe operation for up to 5 years.

Nikolay Vladimirovich, office employee, 40 years old

When ordering a door I was offered to install Guardian locks. I had no hesitation about it, I have heard about this trademark long ago. It may be said that we received a set of all basic function for the affordable price. Being a practical and rational person I decided not to save on a locking system. A double protection of my family and my house is much more secure. Besides, in the event of failure of one of the locks the second one serve as a back-up lock. This is the third year I have been using these locks and I can state with assurance that the Guardian locks are an optimal combination of quality and price.

Nikolay Vladimirovich, office employee, 40 years old, Nizhniy Novgorod