Designed for installation on wooden and armored doors (available in two versions - for right and left opening doors). Complete with 5-Tew key.


  • Rating (National Standard (GOST) 5089-2011) 2
  • 4 class of proof cylinder locks (GOST 5089-2011)
  • Secrecy lever locks more than 1.6 million pcs
  • The crossbar diameter is 15.8 mm
  • Optimum protection against the most common effraction methods
  • Armor keyhole cover can be installed on the cylinder mechanism
  • Versatility, the latch can be turned over without lock dismantling
  • Holes for fixing door handles clamping screws
  • 5 years warranty
Anna Grishko, nurse, 28 years old

My parents have installed a door with the Guardian lock, which has been serving faultlessly for 12 years. Due to a latch, the door is easily slammed and the tight fit is achieved. It perfectly protects from cold and noise. A mortise bolt in the lock case is also very convenient, it helps to unlock the door with one hand. You do not have to get your keys each time. My parents are very glad. They choose only Guardian lock!

Anna Grishko, nurse, 28 years old, Vladimir