Foundation of the Company

TIARA, LLC is a manufacturing enterprise producing locks and lock fittings for metal, aluminum and plastic doors. The products have been manufactured under the brand name of Guardian since 1998. The enterprise became a separate structural division in 2005.

Company Development

Guardian 10.11 was the first lock make launched in 1998, which laid the foundation for the production of the locks under the name of Series 10. Those locks are designed for metal or wooden doors. Initially, we put the quality of the locks manufactured in the first place. Having bought the lock once the customer can only enjoy its flawless operation.

Following Guardian Series 10 locks there came the heavy-duty multi-point locks for armoured doors of Series 20. These locks had similar characteristics and quality compared to the well-known foreign brands but they were far less expensive. From then, each lock had a warranty sticker, a packager number and a Quality Assurance Department stamp. The mandatory warranty was provided with the locks. Such an approach very quickly gave positive results. The customers’ preference from that moment was with Guardian products.

In early 2003, Series 30 based on Series 10 with enhanced mechanism security, larger size and crossbars diameter was offered to the consumers. These Guardian locks are intended only for metal doors.

In 2005, original, patented ROTOR-LOCK Guardian 21.14 and its modification Guardian 25.14 Series locks came into being. The unique point of these locks is the quick replacement of the code rotor. Lock security change is made without dismantling the door lock. The locks of the series were assigned the 4th rating due to the combination of security and excellent performance properties.

In 2007, the decision was taken to launch locks for aluminum and plastic doors, so in this way another activity area and new products under the brand name of Profi were started.

The year 2008 was a milestone year for the company: the new galvanizing plant having become the guarantor of high-quality coating of the products. The membership in the Russian Association of Lock Products Manufacturers and Dealers was another important step forward for the Company.

In two years, owing to the competent administrators, the production of locks and lock fittings expanded significantly. The range of products increased. The concept of the locks, keys and packaging look was modified. A regional chain of dealers throughout Russia and the CIS countries was established.

The Design Department of the Company following the achieved results is constantly working to improve the product line of locks.

In late 2010, Series 50 of Strong Security locks of enhanced security protecting against the basic methods of inbreak and effraction was produced.

In 2011, the Company introduced the fireproof doors locks and electromechanical locks in the market.

In 2012, a modified Series 20 Maximum with improved protection against the most common methods of effraction was produced.

The year 2015 was marked with the introduction of premium locks Guardian 40 Quattro Series. In addition to the smooth travel and serviceability, this series is protected with 4 patents for additional protection against a variety of methods of inbreak and effraction.

In 2016, the Company took the course "Import Substitution". Locks of the 60th Inter series with the overall and mounting dimensions of Turkish counterparts appeared on the lock and hardware market.

2017 was remembered for the development and release of the unique 70th series of Restart locks with the ability to conveniently transcode from the end. Development has been patented.

This series is characterized by a wide range of useful functions and optimal protections that ensure comfortable work and home safety.

In overall and mounting dimensions, the locks are suitable for replacing Italian locks. Due to the high cost of the latter, this was a pleasant surprise for most consumers.

2018 - release of new electromechanical locks of the Cyber series. In 2019, the Company began a new line of business: the start of production of the first in Russia cylinder mechanisms of the European level began.


TIARA LLC is an honorary member of the Russian Association of Lock Products Manufacturers and Dealer.

TIARA LLC is an annual participant in the largest construction exhibition MosBuild in Moscow, presenting new locks trends. Our display is always visited by our numerous old and would-be customers.

TIARA LLC TIARA LLC is a modern, high-tech enterprise that can independently produce all operations and processes required for locks and fittings manufacturing. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our production processes, equipment and finished products making it even better and more secure.

TIARA LLC LLC is the company of like-minded professionals in their field, who love what they do. Their goal is to produce high-quality products and to meet the consumers’ demands.

Important Figures

25 years

Our Company has been successfully operating for 25 years.

10 patents

Our inventions are protected with 10 patents.

17 thousand square meters

The area of our company 17 thousand square meters.

500 employees

We employ over 500 highly skilled employees.

2 million locks per year

We produce more than 2 million locks per year.

41 locks models

Our product range includes 30 models of locks for metal doors, 6 models of locks for wooden doors, 5 models of locks for aluminum and plastic doors.

50 sales representatives

Our dealer chain consists of more than 50 representatives in the cities of Russia.

6 importing countries

We export our products in 6 neighboring countries.

9 high-rank awards

9 times we have been awarded the prizes for high quality products.

5 years warranty

We provide a guarantee for our products: 5-year warranty for metal doors locks, 2-year one for plastic and aluminum doors locks.

Company’s Mission

When a manufacturer makes a quality product it results in just a good product, however when the manufacturer makes a quality product and lends soul to it then it results in an excellent product.

Guardian Locks is a professional solution for those who appreciate security and reliability.