Anna Grishko, nurse, 28 years old

My parents have installed a door with the Guardian lock, which has been serving faultlessly for 12 years. Due to a latch, the door is easily slammed and the tight fit is achieved. It perfectly protects from cold and noise. A mortise bolt in the lock case is also very convenient, it helps to unlock the door with one hand. You do not have to get your keys each time. My parents are very glad. They choose only Guardian lock!

Anna Grishko, nurse, 28 years old, Vladimir
Nikolay Vladimirovich, office employee, 40 years old

When ordering a door I was offered to install Guardian locks. I had no hesitation about it, I have heard about this trademark long ago. It may be said that we received a set of all basic function for the affordable price. Being a practical and rational person I decided not to save on a locking system. A double protection of my family and my house is much more secure. Besides, in the event of failure of one of the locks the second one serve as a back-up lock. This is the third year I have been using these locks and I can state with assurance that the Guardian locks are an optimal combination of quality and price.

Nikolay Vladimirovich, office employee, 40 years old, Nizhniy Novgorod
Roman Nikitin, businessman, 35 years old

When it comes to the safety of my family and property, no detail is too small. It' s not worth saving money here. Armored door with Guardian locks of Maximum series excellently functions as «guard» and protects from any tampering attempts. Besides, an option to change the security lock mechanism is provided if the key is lost. Uncompromising alternative for the people who always choose the best.

Roman Nikitin, businessman, 35 years old, Moscow
Maria Guseva, housekeeper, 46 years old

Durability and ease of use of a lock come first for me! I trust professionals with long-term experience that’s why I choose doors with the Guardian lock only. The locks are easy to lock-unlock, do not stick, the keys are pleasant to hold. A night latch in the lock housing enables to easy lock a door from inside when all members of the family are at home! It is very convenient! It is not the first time we use it, no claims! I recommend Guardian locks to everybody.

Maria Guseva, housekeeper, 46 years old, Ekaterinburg
Alevtina Petrovna, pensionary, 58 years old

We bought a door with a Guardian lock more than 15 years ago. My husband has never disassembled and greased it. A week ago, my dearest grandson Kolya lost his keys at school. I was very upset. Because the keys can be found and the door can be unlocked. My son-in-law persuaded my immediately to chance the lock. We came to the appliance shop. The required Guardian lock was in stock. The price of the lock was a welcome surprise. I thought it would be much more expensive. Thanks a lot to kind shop women. My son-in-law changed the lock on his own. I expect it will serve us for a long time.

Alevtina Petrovna, pensionary, 58 years old, Rostov-on-Don

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