Locking device for electromechanical lock without control unit


  • Invisible for refraction/inbreak
  • The crossbars diameter is 18 mm
  • Fixing of bolt in the open and closed position
  • Adaptation to work in diffierent climatic conditions
  • Reliable mortise bolt
  • Optionally using as mortise bolts
  • 5 years warranty


Universal lock suitable for installation in the armoured doors left and right open.

Used as hidden additional lock.

Certified according to the 4 class Standard.

The design is protected by patent in the utility model №68046.

The lock has three steel bolts, vertical locking system and not have external signs installed in the doors, which greatly complicates the unauthorized opening of the door by mechanical means of hacking.

For more functionality is recommended to complete with control unit.

Certificates and patents

Certificate of conformance

Certificate of conformance

Patent No. 68046

Patent No. 68046



Class (GOST 5089-2011) 4
Type of Installation Mortise
Door Leaf Thickness 40-75 mm
Sizes 160х82х25 mm
Weight 1 kg
Bolt Overhang 20 mm
Bolt Diameter 18 mm

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