Unique set of protection properties against common effraction and in-break methods.


  • Rating (National Standard (GOST) 5089-2011) 4
  • Secrecy over 100 million pcs
  • The crossbar diameter is 18 mm
  • The innovative principle of operation and construction of the locks
  • Smooth and quiet operation lock, ease of turning the key
  • Unique protection against the most common effraction methods
  • Latch-off function from the handle in the closed lock position – the latch is positioned even if the handle is pressed
  • Holes for fixing door handles clamping screws
  • Ability to set the lock without end trims (The letter "T" means a complete set of removable end / face plate)
  • 5 years warranty
Nikolay Vladimirovich, office employee, 40 years old

When ordering a door I was offered to install Guardian locks. I had no hesitation about it, I have heard about this trademark long ago. It may be said that we received a set of all basic function for the affordable price. Being a practical and rational person I decided not to save on a locking system. A double protection of my family and my house is much more secure. Besides, in the event of failure of one of the locks the second one serve as a back-up lock. This is the third year I have been using these locks and I can state with assurance that the Guardian locks are an optimal combination of quality and price.

Nikolay Vladimirovich, office employee, 40 years old, Nizhniy Novgorod