Mortise lock lever with the latch


  • The innovative principle of operation and construction of the lock
    — Gear mechanism and levers window type
  • Protection against the most common effraction methods
    — Patented hub protects against self-impression effraction
    — Protection against a pick-lock effraction The absence of lever rigid springs and existence of false grooves complicates the task of lock effraction by means of manipulation. Sectional toothed hub covers the side ports and restricts picklocks’ access
    — Protection against drilling out – an inner armor plate that set on the shank of the bolt and outer armor plate, totally thickness no less than 4mm
  • Smooth and quiet operation crossbars
    — Smoothness and silent running of the crossbars are provided by means of gear and absence of levers’ rigid springs.
  • Easiness of key running
    — Window type levers provide easiness of key running when closing/opening the door, as well as exclude the possibility of slipping and “hang up”.
  • Latch-off function from the handle to the closed lock position
    — Latch-off function from the handle in the closed lock position – the latch is positioned even if the handle is pressed
  • Holes for fixing door handles clamping screws
  • Optional set without an end plate
  • Additional options
    — Elongated keys
    — Making the locks whith the same secret
    — Spare keys
  • 5 years warranty


Designed for installation in the armoured doors, cabinets and safes.

Available in the two versions - for right or left door opening.

  Set to separate accessories

Certificates and patents

Patent No. 100538

Patent No. 100538

Patent No. 137899

Patent No. 137899

Patent No. 142635

Patent No. 142635

Certificate of conformance

Certificate of conformance



Type of Mechanism Lever
Type of Installation Mortise
Rating (National Standard - GOST 5089) 4
Number of Levers 7
Number of Combinations over 100 millions
Number of Half-turns 2
Door Leaf Thickness 40-75 mm
Dimensions 182х135х33 mm
Weight 2,8 kg
Bolt Overhang 31,5 mm
Crossbar Diameter 18 mm
Backset 63 mm
Number of Keys 5 pcs
Number in a Package 5 pcs

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