These locks are based on30 Series and have a wider set of protective properties against the most common effraction methods.


  • Rating (National Standard (GOST) 5089-2011) 3
  • Secrecy over 1.6 million combinations
  • The crossbar diameter is 15.8 mm
  • Enhanced protection from the most common effraction methods
  • Versatility, the latch can be turned over without lock dismantling
  • Holes for fixing door handles clamping screws
  • 5 years warranty
Maria Guseva, housekeeper, 46 years old

Durability and ease of use of a lock come first for me! I trust professionals with long-term experience that’s why I choose doors with the Guardian lock only. The locks are easy to lock-unlock, do not stick, the keys are pleasant to hold. A night latch in the lock housing enables to easy lock a door from inside when all members of the family are at home! It is very convenient! It is not the first time we use it, no claims! I recommend Guardian locks to everybody.

Maria Guseva, housekeeper, 46 years old, Ekaterinburg