A mortise lever lock with a latch and a catch


  • Protection against the most common effraction methods
    — Patented hub protects against self-impression effraction
    — Protection against drilling out – a hardened shank stick
    — Protection against drilling out – an outer armor plate
    — Protection against effraction – when the lock crossbars are completely extended, 30% of their length is in the lock case, reinforced catch construction
    — Protection against lock picking - false slots at the front and levers, the increased stiffness of the spring levers
    — Protection against the quality-of-life crime – the lack of the lower wall of the lock case
    — Protection against the special tool for breaking the locking device of the lock to move the crossbar to the opening position – a loosened tooth of the shank stick
  • Holes for fixing door handles clamping screws
  • Versatility, the latch can be turned over without lock dismantling
  • Additional options
    — Elongated keys
    — Making the locks whith the same secret
    — Spare keys
  • 5 years warranty


The lock is designed for installation in armoured doors, cabinets, and safe boxes (suitable for both right and left doors opening).

A latch turnover is made without lock dismantling.

Spare detached accessories.

Certificates and patents

Certificate of conformance

Certificate of conformance

Patent No. 100538

Patent No. 100538

Patent No. 102224

Patent No. 102224



Type of Mechanism Lever
Type of Installation Mortise
Rating (National Standard - GOST 5089) 4
Number of Levers 8
Number of Combinations over 1,6 millions
Number of Half-turns 2
Door Leaf Thickness 40-75 mm
Dimensions 138х97,5х26 mm
Weight 1,8 kg
Bolt Overhang 26 mm
Crossbar Diameter 15,8 mm
Backset 65 mm
Center-to-center distance 77 mm
Number of Keys 4 pcs
Number in a Package 10 pcs

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