Locks for light doors of basic configuration basic configuration.


  • Rating lever locks (National Standard (GOST) 5089-2011) 2
  • Rating cylinder locks(National Standard (GOST) 5089-2011) 3
  • Secrecy lever locks more than 46 thousand pcs
  • The crossbar diameter is 13.5 mm
  • Protection against the most common methods of effraction
  • Armor keyhole cover can be installed on the cylinder mechanism
  • Latch can be turned over without lock dismantling
  • Holes for fixing door handles by clamping screws
  • 5 years warranty
Alevtina Petrovna, pensionary, 58 years old

We bought a door with a Guardian lock more than 15 years ago. My husband has never disassembled and greased it. A week ago, my dearest grandson Kolya lost his keys at school. I was very upset. Because the keys can be found and the door can be unlocked. My son-in-law persuaded my immediately to chance the lock. We came to the appliance shop. The required Guardian lock was in stock. The price of the lock was a welcome surprise. I thought it would be much more expensive. Thanks a lot to kind shop women. My son-in-law changed the lock on his own. I expect it will serve us for a long time.

Alevtina Petrovna, pensionary, 58 years old, Rostov-on-Don