Continuation of 20 series locks with an improved set of the protective properties against the most common pick-lock and effraction methods


  • Rating (National Standard (GOST) 5089-2011) 4
  • Secrecy over 9.7 million pcs
  • The crossbar diameter is 18 mm
  • Maximum protection against the most common methods of effraction
  • Armored keyhole cover can be installed on the cylinder mechanism
  • Vertical three-point locking system
  • Removing of latch with key of cilinder
  • Holes for fixing door handles by clamping screws
  • Ability to set the lock without end trims (The letter "T" means a complete set of removable end plate)
  • 5 years warranty
Roman Nikitin, businessman, 35 years old

When it comes to the safety of my family and property, no detail is too small. It' s not worth saving money here. Armored door with Guardian locks of Maximum series excellently functions as «guard» and protects from any tampering attempts. Besides, an option to change the security lock mechanism is provided if the key is lost. Uncompromising alternative for the people who always choose the best.

Roman Nikitin, businessman, 35 years old, Moscow