Rim mortise lock


  • Protection against the most common effraction methods
    — Patented hub protects against self-impression effraction
    — Protection against a pick-lock effraction - key catcher with the expanded keyhole
    — Protection against drilling out Internal armor plate
    — Protection against lock picking - false slots at the front and levers, the increased stiffness of the spring levers
  • Additional options
    — Making the locks whith the same secret
    — Spare keys
  • 5 years warranty


It is intended for installation on wooden and armored doors (available in two versions - for the right and left opening doors). Completed 5-Tew keys.


Type of Mechanism Lever
Type of Installation Overhead
Rating (National Standard - GOST 5089) 4
Number of Levers 8
Number of Combinations over 1,6 millions
Number of Half-turns 4
Door Leaf Thickness 40-75 mm
Dimensions 146x135x60 mm
Weight 2,5 kg
Bolt Overhang 38 mm
Crossbar Diameter 18 mm
Number of Keys 5 pcs
Number in a Package 6

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