Characteristic features Guardian 32.21 and Guardian 32.15 locks

  • Pulling a latch from the cylinder set screw makes opening the door easy with the key held by a hand
  • The holes for fixing a mortise armor plate are reinforced with hubs to protect the lock from strain.
  • Holes for fixing door handles with through-bolts ensure easy installation and reliable handle operation
  • A latchset in the lock body saves efforts and money to install an additional locking devices (only for Guardian 32.15).

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We sale cylinders series Basic and series Standart
New 60 series Inter — locks popular sizes with the optimum set of protective properties.

A new option for the entrance doors producers.

Since April 2016 Guardian 21.14 and 25.14 Rotor Lock and Maximum Series are delivered completed with a plastic construction masterkey and a control key with the locks.

Please note that since June 2016 Guardian 10th Series locks can be delivered completed with keys with a new tool holder ZK 103-01.